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Data Recovery Service

Lost your data? Don’t panic !

At Purple Fusion, we understand that often the data stored on a computer can be more important than the computer itself! Business files, personal photographs and important emails are much harder to replace than a broken computer.

Reasons for data loss.

Data can be lost in many ways, from simply accidentally deleting some important files to losing a whole hard drive. Sometimes malware or poor quality software can destroy or corrupt your data, or a hardware fault can cause some or all of your files to become unreadable.

Backup Solutions.

Although In the vast majority of cases, lost data can be fully or at least partially recovered, it’s much safer and easier to have a good system in place for making regular backups of your valuable files. Purple Fusion can help both with recovery of lost files and providing advice and solutions for keeping your data safe in the future.

On-site or Collect and Return.

Your lost data can either be recovered on-site at your home or office, or in our workshop with our Collect and Return service. Which service is most appropriate will depend on how much data has been lost and how.

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