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Virus Removal Service

Malware Problems.

Computer viruses and other malware such as Trojans, Worms, Key-Loggers, unwelcome advertising and other spyware are a big problem for many computer users. If you think your computer may have been infected, we can help.

Types of Malware.

Malware is a collective term that refers to any kind of malicious, intrusive or otherwise unwanted software. Effects range from the simply disruptive and annoying adware, bugging you with adverts and pop-ups, to the more dangerous Trojans, Worms and Key-Loggers that deliberately try to disrupt the operation of your computer, destroy your files or steal your data or passwords. Whatever variety you have, we can help.

Possible Symptoms.

If your computer is running slow and/or crashing frequently this can be a sign of an infection. Malware runs in the background sapping computer resources and slowing things down. Often such software is badly written, causing your computer to crash, freeze or fail to start-up properly. Other symptoms can include any unexplained or strange behaviour, especially with your browser. Adverts popping up frequently, mysterious new toolbars you can’t delete, unexplained changes to your home page, strange search results or any other unusual behaviour can all be signs of an infection.

On-Site removal.

Purple Fusion can help with all kinds of malware problems. Malware infections can usually be solved on-site at your home or office, or if you prefer, you can use our collect and return service. Once any problems are resolved, we can also help you take steps to prevent further infections.